The Williamsburg Winery is expanding with more than 8 acres of new vineyards planted on its 300-acre farm, Wessex Hundred. The new vineyards will bring the total acreage of grapes at the Winery to 51.3 and will include 4 additional acres of Tannat, 3 additional acres of Petit Verdot and three-quarters of an acre each of two new varietals, Muscat Ottonell and Muscat Blanc.

Williamsburg Winery expands

new vineyard at Williamsburg Winery

The additional 8.5 acres of vineyards are expected to yield 1,500 cases of wine. The Williamsburg Winery team prepared the land and installed poles to support the vines in late December 2019 and into January 2020 and expect to place over 9,100 plants between February and March. They'll be planting uber vines, which are more mature vines expected to produce grapes worthy enough to make wine in as soon as two years. The normal time from planting to winemaking with a new vine is three to five years.

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