Map of Regions

When we take a moment to consider life in Virginia, we realize how incredibly fortunate we are. In less than a day’s drive, we can slurp raw oysters fresh from the coast and take a breath of fresh air as the sun sets beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains, all in the same day. There’s much to appreciate in Virginia’s regions, each one different from the next but all encompassing the things we love most about our land—the beautiful, natural scenery, the friendly folks and the incredible wine.

New in our Grapevine section, we’ll explore each of Virginia’s regions, spending a little more time in a specific city or county within that region, and recommending where to dine, where to wine, where to stay, where to play and some of our favorite places to enjoy Virginia brews and spirits. Then we’ll highlight some exciting events happening in each region to consider when planning a wine weekender.
Cheers, and happy travels.

—The Editors