National retailer, Whole Foods, now carries Colony Cocktails, wine-based cocktails that imbibe the spirit of travel. These 12oz canned cocktails feature an ABV of 10-11.5%, with fully recyclable packaging designed by nationally renowned, Stitch Design Co. From the packaging to the flavors, each of their three signature cocktails, The Biarritz , The Charleston and The Tangier, all have a story to tell. The cocktails will be in store and ready for purchase by Friday, Oct. 2, and are sold in packs of four.

Colony Cocktails cansFounders, Philip and Jessica Miller, crafted these convenient cocktails to streamline the work of mixing cocktails and celebrate adventurous flavor. Each of Colony Cocktails unique flavors is inspired by the couple’s favorite cocktails and destinations.

The Biarritz is inspired by the playful French 75 cocktail, featuring notes of botanicals and lemon to deliver a delightful, but powerful punch. The Tangier stems from the couple’s trip to the Grand Bazaar. You’ll find rosemary and cardamom backed by the
tartness of grapefruit in this refreshing sipper. The Charleston was born out of summer days spent on the porch relaxing on a swing. Flavors of lemongrass with undertones of crisp lemon make this cocktail perfect for cooling down on a hot afternoon.

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