Honoring September’s celebration of National Bourbon Heritage Month and Virginia Spirits Month, Virginia ABC will host 683 free, in-store tastings across Virginia. This is a record increase of 256 tastings over last September’s National Bourbon Heritage Month and Virginia Spirits celebrations.

The US Senate declared September as National Bourbon Heritage Month in 2007 as part of a celebration of the 1964 Act of Congress declaring bourbon as “America’s Native Spirit.” The Virginia Distillers Association (VDA) began Virginia Spirits Month in September of 2016 to celebrate Virginia spirits.

“Our entire community of suppliers, along with the Virginia Distillers Association, increased their involvement in our tasting events to make this month’s celebrations even more significant,” said Virginia ABC Chairman Jeffrey Painter. “Not only can customers try out different spirits, but in some cases they can talk to the distillers themselves.”

Tastings are regularly held at many Virginia ABC stores on weekends throughout the year, and are free and open to those who are 21 years of age and older. 224 of September’s tastings will feature Virginia spirits products, and 378 tastings will have samples of bourbon/American whiskey. Visit here to find an ABC tasting event.

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