The influx of boozy seltzers to the Virginia market has sparked a new line of refreshing libations: canned cocktails. Distillers and brewers across the state are emptying their bottles of moonshine, gin and cider into tabbed cans filled with ready-to-drink mixers. Read below to learn more about four of Virginia’s pioneers in this newest craft beverage movement.


Belle Isle Moonshine

Belle Isle Moonshine

Honey Habanero, Cold Brew Coffee, Blood Orange and Ruby Red. You name it and Belle Isle has probably infused these funky flavors into their 100% organic corn moonshine. The Richmond-based distillery is now incorporating their award-winning shine into cans for easy on-the-go sips.

Select from Ruby Red & Soda, Blood Orange & Soda or Shine & Soda, all naturally gluten-free and sipping at 110 calories or less per can.


Devils Backbone

Devils Backbone Brewing Co.

Unbeknown to many, the beer makers also dabble in the spirits industry. Devils Backbone Distilling Co. produces an array of gins, fruit brandies, rum and now, canned cocktails. Their 80-proof Fresh Hop Gin is dropped in a green and blue can with dry tonic for their unique spin on the classic cocktail.

More of a rum drinker? Reach for the purple and orange can instead to enjoy sips of ginger, vanilla and oak pulled from Devils Backbone’s Mountain Blackstrap Dark Rum and spicy ginger beer.


Waterbird canned cocktail

Waterbird Premium Distilled Spirits

These Charlottesville crafters dove headfirst into the canned cocktail industry. Waterbird arrived to the Commonwealth late last year and introduced two libations that are praised for being gluten-free and void of corn syrups and corn vodkas.

Both the Vodka Soda & Lime and Moscow Mule are comprised of 100% American-made potato vodka and their respective mixers of carbonated soda water, ginger beer and other natural flavors.


Bold Rock

Bold Rock

Always capitalizing on the versatility of Blue Ridge apples, Bold Rock introduced its line of Craft Cocktails in October 2019. The first canned creation appeared as the cleverly named Bold Fashioned. The spirit-forward sip breathes whiskey aromas with complimentary tastes of vanilla, caramel, cherry and subtle hints of citrus. Bold Fashioned is, of course, infused with freshly pressed apple juice too.

The second release was the vodka-filled Copper Mug Mule fashioned with natural Blue Ridge apple juice, ginger and lime.

Written By

Grace Silipigni