Situated among the spacious plains of Clarksville is a humble farm winery owned by Powell Family sisters Beth Graham, Susan Coates and Kay Candelora. The three siblings founded Three Sisters of Shiney Rock Winery in 2011 and have since operated the vineyard as a family-run project, recruiting relatives to assist in all areas of wine production from picking and processing to bottling and selling.

Specializing in muscadine, scuppernong, blackberry and apple wines, Three Sisters has added yet another sweet addition to their fruity collection.

Perky Poma Moma is pomegranate and muscadine blend that pours a sugary first sip, but fades tastefully into a bold, pomegranate finish. The saccharine vino is produced by head winemaker Edward Graham who has played an active role in the winemaking industry for over thirty years. The muscadine grapes Graham uses to create Perky Poma Moma are pesticide-free and both grown and picked at Three Sisters' all-natural farm.

Three Sisters' Marketing Manager Nick Candelora recommends pairing the pomegranate wine with leafy greens and lean meats including chicken, pork, turkey and duck.

Perky Poma Moma can be purchased at Three Sisters at Shiney Rock Winery, open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and located at 5484 Shiney Rock Rd., Clarksville.

Written By

Grace Silipigni