Situated along Virginia’s historic Route 11 are dozens of antique storefronts and colonial-style homes recently transformed into booming local businesses. In May 2018, homebrewer Kyle Slonecker renovated a former grocery store on West King Street into Strasburg’s first craft beverage destination, Siblings’ Rivalry Brewery.

As one of five children, Slonecker is no stranger to family feuds. The sibling rivalries he experienced while growing up in Shenandoah’s Warren County are reflected in his bountiful selection of family-inspired brews.

Siblings' Rivalry Brewing, Strasburg

Slonecker’s play on beer titles include an Irish red ale dubbed Step Child, the Smart Ass Pale Ale, Cry Baby Belgian IPA, Spoiled Brat Stout, Eldest Session IPA, Temper Tantrum New England IPA and a honey cream ale crowned The Favorite. Siblings’ Rivalry has released upwards of 20 different brews, but limits its rotation to six in-house taps to accommodate Slonecker’s one-barrel brewing system.

While Slonecker is currently negotiating contracts with local food trucks, Siblings’ Rivalry honors an open food policy allowing patrons to order pizza, sandwiches and the like from local businesses to enjoy them with a cold brew in the taproom.

Coming down the pike is Strasburg’s annual Oktoberfest, where Slonecker hopes to release his seasonal fall lager, Strastoberfest. “We’re designing [the beer] specifically for the town,” explains Slonecker. Strastoberfest is a traditional Märzen beer and will be served exclusively at the festival, with the remaining beer leftover from Oktoberfest being donated to the town’s Chamber of Commerce.

A spiced pumpkin ale will also rotate into the Siblings’ Rivalry taproom this fall and will feature local flavors from Shenandoah Spice Company.

Siblings’ Rivarly Brewery is located at 234 West King St., Strasburg and is open Wednesday through Thursday, 3 to 8 p.m. and Friday through Sunday, noon to 8 p.m.

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Grace Silipigni