Come January, Starr Hill Brewery will ring in its 20th year and celebrate with a number of special happenings including the addition of 13 new beers, several Pilot Brewery releases, exclusive 12-packs and its first-ever kettle-sour series. Also coming down the pike are a handful of surprise events and exciting brand developments.

Making their 2019 debut are three variety packs dubbed Say It Ain’t Sour, Hopped as Hell and a revamped All Access Series. Say It Ain’t Sour showcases tart brews from Starr Hill’s inaugural Sour Series. Highlighted releases include the low-hopped, kettle-soured wheat ale, Raspberry American Sour, a thirst-quenching Lime Gose, an offbeat Passionfruit Gose and Guava Gose.

“These sours have enormous complexity—with acidity, dryness and funk—providing a refreshing alternative to hop-packed IPAs for porch-drinking and early spring festivals when the weather turns around,” says Robbie O’Cain, brewmaster at Starr Hill. “The acidity and in some cases salinity, as with the goses, will create some flavor combinations which you won’t find in any of the traditional ales and lagers we’ve produced over the years.”

Hopped as Hell casts a wide net of refreshing Indian Pale Ales like Shade, a hopped ale; Swim, a hazy, juicy refreshment; AC, an Amarillo Citra IPA; and a West Coast-style imperial IPA named Mountain Air.

On the other hand, the new All Access Series captures some of Starr Hill’s most innovative recipes. Bundled into the limited draft releases are Kelis Milkshake, a citrus-forward IPA perfectly blended with lactose sugar, orange, tangerine and a subtle caramel finish; a Deep Fuzz Double IPA packed with juicy hops, tropical flavors and a succulent mouthfeel; as well as the full-bodied Little Red Roostarr Coffee Cream Stout brewed with chocolate, caramel and coffee from Floyd’s Red Rooster Coffee Roaster.

Mixed in with the annual return of the Box of Chocolates variety pack and classic bottles such as Front Row Golden Ale and Looking Glass IPA are two new, year-round brands called Double Platinum IPA and Jomo Vienna Lager.

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Grace Silipigni