A Charlottesville distillery run by husband-and-wife team Ivar Aass and Sarah Barrett are releasing less than 200 bottles of their single malt whiskey. Spirit Lab Distilling’s limited fifth batch is double pot distilled in a solera system using American oak, port and sherry wine-finished barrels.

Spirit Lab Distilling whiskey

The caramel color spirit is sold in 120 full-size and 36 half-size bottles, all of which are adorned with the hand-carved label printed and numbered by Aass himself. Once poured, the single malt whiskey breathes honeyed notes and touches of dried fruit, toffee, cocoa and baking spices. “We’re proud to say that our spirits are entirely handmade by ourselves using local ingredients. We feel it’s only fitting to make the labels ourselves to add a touch of personality and ownership to each individual batch and bottle,” says Aass.

Sample the exclusive batch at fine dining establishments throughout Charlottesville, Richmond and Washington, D.C., or purchase your bottle in the Charlottesville tasting room. Tours are available onsite too.

Spirit Lab Distilling is located at 1503 6th St. SE, Charlottesville.

Written By

Grace Silipigni