Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia

There’s a reason they call it “Southern hospitality,” and you’ll soon discover the true meaning of friendly faces and cheerful spirits at the southern part of Virginia.

Much of this region of the commonwealth is exactly like you’d picture. Scenic byways lead to farms passed down through generations, tobacco fields and even some vineyards. Folks like to sit on their front porches, sipping sweet tea or lemonade and watching the cars pass by. Local inns entice guests to sit back and relax, and quaint restaurants serve up generous helpings of the best Southern cooking you could imagine—hot, buttery biscuits or cornbread, crispy fried chicken and perhaps a sweet bowl of corn pudding or fruit pie topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

However, a lot of the area has been transformed, presenting a fresh, new perspective of the land. Old railroad beds have been changed into new bike trails, and the history of what used to be can now be seen in some of the area’s fascinating museums like Martinsville’s Virginia Museum of Natural History.

One of the most popular pastimes is spending a day on the 50,000-acre Buggs Island Lake, where many people go for fishing, swimming, boating and other water sports. If you prefer life in the fast lane, you can watch car races take place at three different speedways. Regardless of your preference for traditional Southern living or revitalized recreation, Southern Virginia is worth exploring.

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