A Virginia Whiskey Pioneer Expands to Williamsburg

We still remember the first time we tried a bracing sip of Rick Wasmund’s heady whiskey not long after he opened his distillery in Sperryville; it was love at first sip.

Wasmund offers a single malt whisky, rye whisky and gin (that he cleverly calls Vir Gin) now not just at the Central Virginia location but at a new distillery that opened in Williamsburg in July.

Located in the former Lord Paget motel in the colonial capital, the facility houses a tasting room, distillery, bottling operation and barrel room. There’s more to come, including expanded space that will eventually provide more storage than the original location.

Want to try your hand at home? Copper Fox also offers a barrel kit that features a two-liter charred American white oak mini-barrel and two bottles of spirts ready to age in the privacy of your own abode.

Copper Fox is located at 901 Capitol Landing Rd., Williamsburg, in addition to their first distillery, 9 River Lane, Sperryville. For more information, visit CopperFox.biz.

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