It’s the best time to be a local. My husband and I grew up in Virginia Beach, but when we moved to Shore Drive, we thought the area had so much more potential to boast in Coastal Virginia flavor. In the last year, it seems local spots have opened up left and right including brunch eatery Bay Local and Dish, a swedish diner. As lovers of craft beer, we leapt for joy at the sight of a packed out parking lot and a new spot being graciously welcomed into the neighborhood: Pleasure House Brewing Company.

To avoid the weekend chaos, we visited the following Sunday afternoon before the 1 p.m. kickoff of the Redskins game. Greeted with the scent of brewing bitter hops, we chatted with a couple of the owners, Tim and Drew. After experimenting with home brewing, Drew and his friends Tim and Alex decided to start up a brewing company. They’ve been open since October 30, 2015 and are already making a dent in the local craft beer scene.

They typically offer five beers on draft, but they’d sold out of two from the previous night. Luckily, I’m an avid pumpkin beer lover, so two of the three left were variations on the seasonally-loved beer. Along with the five on tap, they offer “Fleeting Pleasures,” which are experimental small batch brews such as their Bre’s Baked Peach Oatme-ale to be revealed this week. You’ll also find a list of “What’s On Deck,” which is what is currently being brewed.

Pleasure House Brewing Company is open Thursday 3–10 p.m., Friday 3–11 p.m., Saturday Noon–11 p.m. and Sunday Noon–9 p.m.

Visit their website for more information or their Facebook page for the latest on their brews.

Written By

Anne Leonard