O’Connor Brewing Co. proudly took home medals from the Tastings World Beer Championship Best IPAs and Pale Ale annual competition this spring. O’Connor Brewing’s Great Dismal Black IPA was awarded a gold medal in the American Style Black Ale category, while silver medals were awarded to El Guapo Agave IPA in the Flavored IPA category and Heavy Footer Double IPA in the Imperial IPA category. Norfolk Canyon Pale Ale received a bronze medal in the American Style Pale Ale category.

The Tastings.com World Beer Championships is a blind tasting, medal-based competition that has been held for 24 years. O’Connor Brewing Co. has won 14 medals at the championships, and two medals for Heavy Footer Double IPA. O’Connor Brewing Co.’s beers were judged by Tastings.com’s staff of beer professionals using a methodology developed in collaboration with Cornell University. “All four awards are such an honor, and we are especially proud that three of our oldest beer brands—Great Dismal, El Guapo and Norfolk Canyon—have been acknowledged by Tastings as exceptional beers,” said Kevin O’Connor, owner and president of O’Connor Brewing Co.

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Written By

Ryan Miller