On Feb. 3 Charlottesville-based winegrower Jake Busching began an important new chapter in the Virginia wine narrative with the release of his eponymous wine brand—Jake Busching Wines.

Busching moved to Virginia from Minnesota in 1997. A farmer by background, Busching landed his first wine grape-growing job in March of that year as the assistant farm manager at Colle Estate (known as Jefferson Vineyards today). 

Because of his diligent work ethic and mentorship from industry veterans like noted vineyard consultant Chris Hill, Busching progressed from assistant farm manager to vineyard manager to estate manager and winemaker at some of the most respected wineries in Central Virginia.

Busching’s fingerprints of quality can be found in tasting rooms, wine shops and on restaurant wine lists throughout the commonwealth.

Most recently, in July 2015, Busching joined Charlottesville-based Michael Shaps Wineworks as winemaker and soon transitioned to running their statewide wine and vineyard consulting group, Vineyard Management Services. Working in vineyards throughout the state, Busching is able to select quality fruit and premier sites.

Jake Busching Wines inaugural release includes a 2015 viognier, cabernet franc, and a red blend of petit verdot and tannat that will be bottled in April and released later this year.

Busching sourced the viognier fruit from the acclaimed Honah Lee Vineyard near Gordonsville and the cabernet franc from Grape Lawn Vineyard, located on the southern edge of Albemarle County.

Busching has dedicated 20 years to helping to build other’s legacies. With the recent release of Jake Busching Wines, he achieves an important milestone in building his own. These wines beautifully demonstrate the culmination of two decades of experience working in many of Virginia’s top vineyards and are a great start to the next chapter of Busching’s winemaking career.

—Frank Morgan

Written By

Frank Morgan