The sweet smell of freshly made desserts and baked goods hits you the minute you walk in to My Vegan Sweet Tooth in Virginia Beach. The chic bakery caters to vegans and those with gluten-free diets, but it’s also attracting foodies for its savory assortment of desserts, cupcakes, bread, specialty wedding cakes, donuts and more.

Grab a chair and relax at one of their charming little tables, sip on a hot cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk and treat yourself to their best-selling cinnamon roll, coated with buttercream frosting made from vegan margarine and filled with cinnamon sugar between layers that pull apart with ease.

Tonya Deveau, the owner and baker at My Vegan Sweet Tooth, has been a vegan herself for over 20 years. Since opening the bakery’s doors, Deveau has helped the gluten-free and vegan community enjoy delicious treats and goods with a healthy, environmental and animal friendly focus. With Deveau’s love for animals, My Vegan Sweet Tooth even donates a generous portion of their sales to support local and national animal shelters. The bakery also uses locally sourced sea salt and organically grown fruits and vegetables in their goods.

Currently Deveau’s aspirations are to expand the bakery and open a vegan restaurant. You can also enjoy baked goods from My Vegan Sweet Tooth at Richmond’s Veg Fest on June 24, Hampton Roads’ Veg Fest in Chesapeake on October 8, the King’s Grant Farmers’ Market, Old Beach Farmers Market every Saturday through October 28 and at one of the many local restaurants and coffee shops across Coastal Virginia carrying their vegan foods.

For more on My Vegan Sweet Tooth, visit their website.

Written By

Nisa Cochran