Legend Brewing Co. is grateful to still be doing what they love, making great beer. A lot of anxiety has seeped into the restaurant and brewery world, and Legend is not exempt. The year has been challenging, which makes the brewery’s fall 2020 lineup all the more meaningful. Legend is excited to announce their seasonal fall staple, the Oktoberfest, and to resurrect their Urban Legends series with the Vampire Red Ale.

The world-renowned celebration of Wiesn in Munich may be cancelled, but the spirit of the fest lives on for Virginia locals. The Oktoberfest is now available in stores and at the pub and its release this year is a sign of perseverance for Legend and their brothers in brewing.

Legend Brewing Oktoberfest
Photo courtesy of Legend Brewing Co.

Legend is even more excited to resurrect the Urban Legends series with the Vampire Red Ale release on September 28. The beers of the fan-favorite Urban Legends series are inspired by local myths and mysteries, bringing together the rich history of the Richmond community and its passion for great beer. The Vampire Red Ale is named for the Richmond Vampire which is said to have taken refuge in the Hollywood Cemetery after being awakened by a railroad collapse in 1925. This year, Legend also announces the first installment of the Urban Legends Young Director Series. Local directors will be debuting short films starring the Vampire Red Ale as the brewery continues to celebrate community.

Tom Martin, the owner and founder of Legend, says, “with the release of Oktoberfest and the Vampire Red, we hope to reconnect our community through something we all love: good stories and great beer.” He goes on to say, “Legend is family. Not just our staff, but all of Richmond. The support of our town has meant everything and kept us resilient despite tremendous challenges.”

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