Our Story:
Filibuster was founded in Washington D.C., just a few blocks from Capitol Hill, so naturally spirited conversation is in our blood. Our innovative approach to blending and finishing reflects our homage to freedom of expression – the essence of what makes this great land we call home so special.

We aren’t afraid to speak up. With decades of experience in specialty spirits retail, over the years, we’ve tasted – and sold – almost everything, from super-aged single malt to wet-behind-the-ears American craft. With all that knowledge, it seemed a shame not to throw our own hat into the ring – but we knew that building a distillery is hard work, and we weren’t interested in selling white whiskey.

Our solution – we took inspiration from the traditions of Scotland and the pioneering spirit of the United States and launched a creative finishing and blending program. Guided by the Dilawri Family, we’ve leveraged our longstanding connections to source the very best spirit we can find, and then age, blend and give it a new voice by finishing it in one-of-a-kind casks: California wine, sherry, port, you name it.

Our approach will remain nonconventional, using new and old techniques. Not only is Filibuster committed to using local ingredients from Virginia, our promise is to our Fellow countrymen, and we work with first time malt, juniper growers and first-time installers. Our Adage is to grow together.

Distributed in 18 states (soon to be 28) and destined for imminent international release, Filibuster is standing up and taking the floor. Join the Filibuster movement, and #beheard!

Filibuster Distillery is a woman- and minority-owned business with the soul of a small family enterprise. Born in D.C. and now located in Virginia, you can call us a true product of the DMV.

Our business began on the corner of 9th and M NW, not far from the Capitol, so Filibuster was a natural choice for our name.

At the heart of it is the filibuster, itself unique to the American political process. We forget sometimes that we have such freedom to express our opinions in this country, in contrast to much of the world. We also really wanted to highlight the fact we were creating a unique American style of whiskey, so the name works on a few fronts.

Dual Cask
Our method combines the long-held tradition of new American oak aging with the avant garde approach of a shorter, secondary aging period in wine-seasoned French oak. We work with some of the best-known wineries in California. At the distillery, we utilize the aromatic and flavor profile of chardonnay, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon to achieve a unique finish – what we call the “Dual Cask Difference.”

Our practices reflect our commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. One hundred percent natural, Filibuster uses no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Just grains, yeast sun, and time.

Our commitment to quality is apparent in every step of our process; from harvest to first sip. Our artisanal spirits are produced in small batches – each bottle is hand corked, labeled, and numbered.

Most of all our commitment to nature. After distilling, the water we use is filtered and injected back into Shenandoah water tables and the used grains becomes poultry feed. We are truly serious about our role in the world we live in.

Perfect Water For Making Whiskey
Filibuster is dedicated to making the finest American spirits. That means the best-quality grains, limestone water from the Shenandoah Valley, and our signature Dual Cask finishing program that mellows spirits in traditional whiskey barrels, as well as wine casks. If we’ve learned one thing from American history, sometimes you’ve got to bend the rules to get the best results.

We employ two unique mash bills (grain recipes) in our production. Only Filibuster uses a proprietary combination of wild and tamed yeast strains each producing uniquely different, rich flavors.

Filibuster Distillery – Spirits of Distinguished Character
All you have to do is take one sip and you’ll discover something that may surprise and delight you – Filibuster is unlike any other bourbon. It’s handcrafted in small batches. Why? Because it’s worth it.

80 Maurertown Mill Rd., Maurertown, VA 22644
(703) 350-7276

Written By

Chris Murphy