Some fuller-bodied wines can be enjoyed during any season, and that is why we serve the 2013 Gray Ghost Reserve Chardonnay all year round.

Full disclosure statement: we harvest chardonnay grapes at Gray Ghost Vineyards every year. Therefore, we tend to fantasize that this award-winning chardonnay excels because our own hands touched the grapes before they even made it to the bottle.

However, this special chardonnay is due to the intensive labors of Cheryl and Al Kellert; this dynamic duo tends the immaculate vineyards and then crafts the wines that earn so many national and international awards.

The 2013 Reserve Chardonnay presents aromas of pear and citrus; pear and melon flavors prevail on the palate with oak nuances evident throughout the tasting experience. Vanilla notes complement the finish. Its fuller mouth feel adds a pleasant length that begs for another sip.

We enjoy the 2013 Gray Ghost Reserve Chardonnay on its own, but it plays well with creamy cheeses and fresh fruit.

However, it puts on quite a show on the dinner table when paired with grilled poultry or pork topped with a butter-based sauce and fresh herbs. Crab cakes and other seafood dishes likewise pair nicely with this chardonnay. However, I would suggest thinking ahead and storing a bottle for Thanksgiving dinner if turkey will be served with cornbread dressing. Serving a chowder for the tree trimming party? Pork roulade for New Years Eve dinner? The 2013 Gray Ghost Reserve Chardonnay will certainly please the crowd.

We regard the excellent 2013 Gray Ghost Reserve Chardonnay as a wine for all seasons.

—Warren Richard writes and Paul Armstrong photographs at their blog, Virginia Wine Time.

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Warren Richard