Virginia Beach’s Wasserhund Brewing Company has joined the movement for crafting gluten-free beers, adding the specialty beer style to their repertoire of German-inspired ales and lagers.

Head Brewer and Owner Aaron Holley plans to keep at least one gluten-free beer regularly on rotation for guests with a gluten intolerance. Holley has been developing the style of beer ever since his sister was diagnosed with Celiac disease a week before Wasserhund opened its doors in 2015.

Perfecting the style of beer has taken quite a bit of effort on Holley’s end, as the use of sorghum typically used in creating gluten-free beer as a fermenter has a distinctive taste that can be off-putting to some drinkers. Holley has been experimenting with flavors by adding in elements such as fruit to give the gluten-free beers some balance in taste. Two specialty beers he’s created recently at Wasserhund as a part of the gluten-free series are Glutenless Retriever, a light, crisp beer with a smooth finish and Dump Your Gluten Ass in Port Barrels, a bold and tart nine percent beer aged in port wine barrels made with honey, champagne yeast, raspberries and strawberries.

Holley enjoys the challenge of perfecting a beer, such as the Purebred Pilsner, which he describes as a naked beer without an intensive list of ingredients to hide imperfections in taste. The same applies for Wasserhund’s seasonal Oktoberfest, “It’s the best beer I have ever made, and also very difficult to make,” Holley admits.

Gluten-free beers join Wasserhund’s impressive and diverse selection of generously hoppy ales and refreshingly smooth lagers. The brewery also offers a variety of food options to pair with their beers, from German pretzels with homemade beer cheese to oven-baked pizzas.

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Nisa Cochran