Raise a glass to the spring and summer months, when the only thing that’ll cool you down just right is a tall, crisp brew. Here’s a recommendation of a few of our favorites that’ll surely cool you down during warmer weather:

Alewerks' Red Marker Ale (Williamsburg):

It’s punchy, with a subtle toasted maltiness that lends a dry, yet nutty profile. A touch of hoppiness adds a little depth to this red ale. Though offered year-round, Red Marker is an easy sipper, making it an obvious choice when reaching for a lighter beer. ABV: 5.7%.

Devils Backbone’s Vienna Lager (Lexington):

Pouring an amber-copper hue, Vienna Lager offers sweet, caramel and toasted wheat notes with a smooth finish. Also offered year-round, you can’t go wrong with this drinkable lager. ABV: 5.2%.

Lost Rhino’s Meridian Kolsch (Ashburn):

Bitter with fruity undertones, this brew speaks of the traditional hoppiness and light carbonation of a Kolsch-style brew. Refreshing and light, it’s the perfect beer after a day out in the sun. ABV: 5%.

Smartmouth’s Sommer Fling (Norfolk):

A true German-style hefeweizen, Sommer Fling pours a golden straw hue offering a zestiness that hints at banana before tapering off on a crisp finish. ABV: 5%.

Triple Crossing’s Nectar and Knife (Richmond):

This double IPA offers a juiciness that hangs on well into the finish. On the palate, you’ll taste citrus and grapefruit with a balanced amount of hops that’ll entertain hopheads of all levels. ABV: 8%.

By Anne Leonard

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Anne Leonard