On Saturday, Sept. 22, the veteran-owned KO Distilling added American White Whiskey to its lineup of moonshine, gins and whiskeys. The American White Whiskey is the fourth addition to KO Distilling’s Bare Knuckle series, which includes Straight Bourbon Whiskey, American Wheat Whiskey and American Rye Whiskey.

KO Distilling Bare Knuckle American White Whiskey
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The American White Whiskey is made from 100 percent Virginia-grown wheat, rye and barley. The commemorative bottle signed by KO Distilling founders, John O’Mara and Bill Karlson, will sell for $23.99 at both the Manassas distillery and select ABC stores.

KO Distilling’s Marketing and Sales Lead Maureen Reed recommends enjoying the whiskey neat, or in two of KO’s signature cocktails. Make yours at home to celebrate Virginia Crafts Spirits Month with friends and family.


KO Distilling Margarita Cocktail Recipe
Photo by Vicky Wasik

KO Distilling Margarita

1.5 oz American White Whiskey

3 oz San Pellegrino Grapefruit Soda

2.5 oz freshly squeezed lime juice

1.25 oz orange juice

.75 oz Sugar Cane Keep It Simple Syrup


Pour American white whiskey, lime juice, orange juice and simple syrup into a mixing glass and stir thoroughly.

Serve mixture over ice and top with San Pellegrino Grapefruit Soda.

Optional: garnish with lime wedge


Recipe adapted from KO Distilling


Moscow Mule
Bacon is Magic

Manassas Mule

1.5 oz American White Whiskey

4 oz ginger beer

.25 oz lime juice


Over ice, mix American White Whiskey, ginger beer and lime juice in a chilled copper mug.

Garnish with a fresh mint spring and lime wedge.


Recipe adapted from KO Distilling


KO Distilling is located at 10381 Central Park Drive, #105, Manassas.

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Grace Silipigni