From a press release issued by Buskey Cider

Buskey Cider released their annual Buskey Piña Colada cider on draft and in cans at their Richmond and Cape Charles locations. This year’s version features a new partnership with Cholaca, a company that specializes in liquid coconut, crafted from the finest, sustainably grown organic coconuts.

Buskey Piña Colada“This is an upgraded version of the Piña Colada cider we’ve released the past few years,” said Elle Correll, co-founder, Buskey Cider. “We’ve tried fresh coconut, which is incredibly labor intensive, and dried coconut, which often soaks up a large portion of the cider and doesn’t give the results that coconut-lovers would generally want. This year we used Cholaca’s liquid coconut, which is essentially a coconut puree that really lets the flavor shine through. We also added rum chips because, what’s a Piña Colada without rum!”

The limited release cider is loaded with flavors of pineapple and coconut and sweetened with premium blue agave nectar. The cider rests on rum chips, which infuses an authentic and refreshing piña colada experience.

Buskey Piña Colada cider is available for purchase in four packs.

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Savor Virginia