Norfolk’s O’Connor Brewing Co. has revived Bold Man Oyster Stout, a beer that marries the briny taste of Cheriton’s Ballard Fish & Oyster Company’s Misty Point oyster—a cultured oyster grown on seaside grounds located at the southern tip of the Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Atlantic Ocean side—with the roasted, malty flavor of a robust stout beer.

After they arrive at O’Connor, roughly 100 Misty Points are cleaned and added to the boiling brew whole, shells and all, per each barrel of Bold Man Oyster Stout. According to brewers, the goal is not to overwhelm the elegant culinary pairing of raw, grilled or fried oysters with an intense oyster-y beer. Instead, the result should be a smooth and subtly briny brew that pairs well with oysters, although doesn’t taste exactly like them.

The rendition is for a limited time and on a limited scale, but it gives beer lovers the chance to support a worthy cause. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Bold Man Oyster Stout will benefit the Virginia Aquarium Sensible Seafood Program, which works to promote ocean-friendly seafood choices.

Written By

Melissa Stewart