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Dida’s Distillery

14437 Hume Road, Huntly, VA, United States

Dida's Distillery (pronounced "did-uh"): 100% grape-based spirits, produced 100% from wine made on-site at Rappahannock Cellars/Dida's Distillery. Visit us today, sample our wines, tour our cellar & distillery, and enjoy the hospitality that only a family-run business can provide. We're currently serving our Vodka and Immature ("un-aged") Brandy, with Gin and barrel-aged gin due out in early 2018.

In 1906, our Great-Grandfather Paul Mariani (“Dida”) immigrated to California from Croatia and began farming. His passion and hard work became a multi-generational legacy, eventually leading to the creation of the Mariani Fruit Packing Company; an enterprise still owned and operated by my uncle, Mark Mariani and his family today. In 1996, after learning of a budding wine scene in Virginia, my parents sold our California winery and headed east to build Rappahannock Cellars. In 2015, we set out to create the next generation of products from our wines through the art of distilling: 100% grape-based spirits. For nearly two decades here at Rappahannock Cellars, we’ve continued to celebrate one of Dida’s most dearly held passions: wine. With the extension of Dida's Distillery to make spirits from those wines, we remain dedicated to our family's passion for agriculture and crafting outstanding grape products – something that we know would make Dida proud. ​

-Allan Delmare, Distiller


Dida's Distillery: Pressed, Not Mashed

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