These sweet treats from around Virginia put a gourmet twist on the classics you loved as a kid

By Judy Cowling


Being a grown up is hard. All the responsibilities, deadlines, dental visits and drudgery can sometimes make us want to pitch a first-class hissy fit in the middle of a crowded room.

The next time you need a timeout, take a break with one of these sweet treats guaranteed to help you reconnect with your inner child and banish your big-person blues.


Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

Elementary school ice cream sandwiches melded with your fingers and dripped on your duds. Not Nightingale’s mighty treats. It takes two hands to hold these solid sammies. With quirky cookie and ice cream combinations, these pleasers have names such as Pecan Pie, Banana Pudding, Orange Creamsicle, Chocolate French Roast and Chocolate Blackout. The Miso Churro with its snickerdoodle cookie and white miso ice cream with churro pieces will have you longing for more. All handmade from scratch, small batch creations available at a restaurant or brewery near you as well as shipped to your door.


The Crispery Crispycakes

sleepover just wasn’t a success until that plate stacked high with marshmallowy cereal treats made its appearance. This Portsmouth based company went from five to 50 flavors in a little over 8 years and now offers sizable squares of Cocoa Concoction, Cookies & Cream, S’mores, Confetti, Key Lime and more individually wrapped and available in every state or shipped to your door. Virginia’s Finest approved.


Joysicles Gourmet Pops

Remember the feeling of sticky sweet juice running down your chin and a tongue that stayed neon bright for hours? Well, these gourmet pops boast sophisticated flavors like Cantaloupe Basil, Watermelon Mint, Blueberry Limeade and Key Lime Pie and come with a juice catcher to cut down on laundry. Fall brings Pumpkin Spice, Mexican Chocolate and Apple Cranberry. Mostly vegan, Joysicles are available for weddings, special events, at farmer’s markets and a Taste near you.


Ted’s Bulletin

Instead of boring whipped egg whites and cholesterol lowering oatmeal to start your day, think back to your childhood breakfasts when you ripped open a foil package and popped a pastry in the toaster. Fun, right? Sure you can order a strawberry or brown sugar and cinnamon Ted’s Tarts, but you can also enjoy a peanut butter bacon, a peaches and cream and an apple pie. The s’mores tart marries milk chocolate, Nutella and marshmallow topped with vanilla frosting and bits of graham cracker and chocolate. All handmade with premium filling fresh baked daily. And folks eat ’em up to the tune of 30,000 a year. How about a boozy milkshake to go with your tart? With 6 locations in the greater D.C. area and two more to open next year, Ted’s Tarts will soon be available shipped to your front door.


The Bonbonnier

A handful of puffy white pillowy marshmallows could set any kid’s activity level into overdrive. But these gourmet lovelies are made from scratch and measure 3”x 3”x 2”. Picture a macaroon flavored marshmallow dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in toasted coconut or pie shaped versions in flavors like piña colada, lemon meringue, watermelon and spumoni and mug toppers that will slowly melt into a hot beverage of your choice. Custom flavors available.


Tummy-Yum Yum

As a kid, the joy of eating an entire ruby red candied apple all by yourself was a big thrill. But doll up that Granny Smith or Red Delicious with creamy caramel, roll it in premium pecans and drizzle it with milk and white chocolate and it’s an even bigger delight. Or how about the same rockstar treatment on a crisp Bosc Pear? Yep. I saw your eyes glaze over. 



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