Gentle Harvest in Marshall, Hunter’s Head Tavern in Upperville and Ayrshire Farm all have obtained certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for their credible standards of sourcing from sustainable wild fisheries and seafood traceability. The MSC council has been dedicated to keeping the ocean healthy and full of life for over 20 years. MSC’s blue fish label makes it easier for consumers to select seafood that has been caught by environmentally-friendly fisheries.

The executive teams and employees with Gentle Harvest, Hunter’s Head Tavern and Ayrshire Farm worked with a third-party certifier over the course of several months. The certifier conducted an on-site audit at each location to make sure each establishment met MSC’s best practice guidelines. In order to qualify, applicants must install new systems and train their staff in processes that ensure the quality and integrity of all seafood offered under the blue fish label.

By receiving their MSC certification, Gentle Harvest, Hunter’s Head Tavern and Ayrshire Farm had to prove their seafood was purchased exclusively from certified suppliers, segregated from any non-MSC certified seafood, is traceable and recorded and managed systematically.

Written By

Savor Virginia