It could be said that everything is better in a can, and these canned cocktails made in the Commonwealth prove that to be true. Ready-to-drink cocktails are still on the rise and Virginia-based companies are getting in on the action. So, ditch the cocktail shaker this summer and crack open a refreshing cocktail that will complement any beach day or summer soiree.

Belle Isle Moonshine Transfusion

Made with Belle Isle’s award-winning premium moonshine, real Concord grape, fresh ginger and a squeeze of lime, Transfusion is the latest release from the Richmond-based spirit maker. This limited-edition release is a grown-up variation of grape juice.

canned cocktails-Belle Isle transfusion

Other Belle Isle canned cocktail flavors: Honey Habanero & Pineapple, Blood Orange & Soda, Ruby Red & Soda, Shine & Soda

Bold Rock Copper Mug Mule

Ditch the copper mug and sip a Moscow mule from anywhere with Bold Rock’s Copper Mug Mule. The hard cider company ventured into canned cocktails in 2019. This iteration blends vodka with ginger beer flavors, lime juice and Blue Ridge apple juice for an invigorating ready-to-drink cocktail with just a touch of sweetness.

canned cocktails-Bold Rock mule

Other Bold Rock canned cocktail flavors: Vodka Soda Lime, Bold Old Fashioned

Coastal Cocktails Vodka Grapefruit

Virginia Beach distiller Tarnished Truth transformed their award-winning spirits into their ready-to-drink canned cocktail brand, Coastal Cocktails. Coastal Cocktails’ Vodka Grapefruit simply combines Tarnished Truth AVA Vodka with real grapefruit juice for an on-the-go take on a classic tart and tangy cocktail.

canned cocktails-Coastal Cocktails grapefruit crush

Other Coastal Cocktails flavors: Vodka Orange Crush, Whiskey Lemonade, Vodka Cranberry

Colony Cocktails The Tangier

Colony Cocktails invites imbibers on an exotic flavorful journey with The Tangier, a combination of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and other botanicals. This wine-based cocktail was inspired by “the intrigue of a grand bazaar” and was a silver medal winner in the 2020 Canned Challenge.

canned cocktails-Colony Cocktails tangier

Other Colony Cocktails flavors: The Charleston, The Biarritz

Devils Backbone Lemonade Smash

Nothing says summer like an iced cold, freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer’s day. Add Devils Backbone Distilling Co.’s premium vodka and you’ve got a refreshing sipper, with natural lemon, lime and orange flavors, that transports you to a cocktail bar on the shore.

canned cocktails-Devils Backbone lemonade smash

Other Devils Backbone canned cocktail flavors: Orange Smash, Grapefruit Smash, Vodka Mule, Lime Margarita

New Realm Distilling Company Lemon Drop

New Realm Brewing entered the canned cocktail marketplace in May when the brewery launched its first dedicated distillery, New Realm Distilling Company, and line of ready-to-drink craft cocktails. The Lemon Drop is a tart and juicy blend of real lemon and orange juice in a vodka-based canned cocktail.

canned cocktails-New Realm lemon drop

Other New Realm canned cocktail flavors: Orange Crush, Cranberry Vodka.

Square One Basil Berry Fizz

Basil is the perfect complement to any summer dish, but what about in a cocktail? Square One Organic Spirits offers a savory, sparkling canned cocktail. Basil Berry Fizz combines Square One’s organic vodka with lemon juice, juicy strawberries and fragrant basil for a taste of summer in a can.

canned cocktails-Square One basil berry

Other Square One canned cocktail flavors: Pear of Roses, Mediterranean Pearl and Cucumber Therapy

Waterbird Spirits Tequila Margarita

Earlier this year, Charlottesville-based Waterbird Spirits added to its popular line of canned cocktails with tequila-based cocktails. Made with premium Blanco tequila distilled in Jalisco, Mexico, along with triple sec, lime juice, sparkling water and a pinch of salt, Waterbird’s Tequila Margarita brings south of the border to wherever you are.

canned cocktails-Waterbird margarita

Other Waterbird Spirits flavors: Ranch Water, Moscow Mule, Vodka Soda & Lime, Vodka Citrus Squeeze, Vodka Watermelon & Basil, Vodka Cucumber Mint

Orange Crush Canned Cocktails

An orange crush is the quintessential summer cocktail, perfect for enjoying at a summer barbecue, by the pool or at a beach bar. Made with orange juice, vodka, triple sec and soda, three Virginia canned cocktail companies have included this summertime favorite in their ready-to-drink offerings. Try each variation of the orange crush from Coastal Cocktails, Devils Backbone Distilling Co. and New Realm Distilling Company.

canned cocktails-orange crush

Written By

Arielle Patterson